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1.   Internal Audit Services

  • Reviewing and evaluate internal control structure;
  • Investigation and operational audit;
  • Financial statement general audit;
  • Compliance audit;
  • Special audit;
  • Financial statement review and analysis;
  • Agree upon procedures performance;
  • Setting up internal audit department, executing internal audit functions;
    (In various degrees of assignment, such as: finance department, purchasing function, marketing department, etc.)
  • Doing peer review for internal audit department and consulting for both internal audit department and board management.

(To improve the quality of internal audit department service and its implementation.)


2. Investigative Audit Service

  • Corporate investigation covers assignment from shareholders for management fraud (such as acquisition process, unhealthy divestment process); assignment from management for investigating vendors’ fraud and clients’ fraud, loan re-collectible problem and employee fraud.
  • Private investigation covers assignment from lawyers or parties involved in breaking partnership case, contracting and agreement fraud, insurance fraud, etc.
  • Government assignment may cover consulting service, such as accompany and consult government auditor and prosecutor to investigate cases. Or executing certain fraud cases and developing system to prevent, detect and investigating fraud.

Accounting Services

  1. Compiling financial statement according to Indonesian Accounting Standard.
  2. Managing financial administration for business.
  3. The firm provides a wide range of accounting services from reviewing:
  • Financial reports and advising the impact of financial reporting
  • Reparing complete and or partial financial reports
  • Troubleshooting for financial reporting
  • And other accounting services like financial report consolidation.


Accounting Information System

Information system analysis and problem solving on Computerized of accounting and management information system.


Tax Services

  1. Preparing monthly and annual tax return (SPT) of corporate, personal, or withholding income, tax (PPh) and value added tax/sales tax on luxury goods (PPN/PPn-BM)
  2. Reviewing tax return (SPT)
  3. Updating information to tax regulation
  4. Tax compliance and planning
  5. Transfer pricing documentation
  6. Assisting the clients by tax auditor from tax authorities assisting to arrange tax refund, tax exemption or other special rulings.


Financial Advisory Services

The firm provides services start from in depth due diligence for acquisition and take over and also highlight them with financial analysis for quick preparation for the day meeting or negotiation. Company valuation is part of our services. We also provide services in preparation of business and financial planning proposal for potential investors, buyers, creditors, partners etc.


Legal Service

  • Areas of our services is the Office of advocates and legal consultants who specialize in the field of civil law, advocacy, trade law, investment, bankruptcy (Indonesian lawyer specialized in civil law, banking law, commercial law, investment law, bankruptcy, etc.). In providing legal services, our Law Firm always strive to provide the best and always be open communication as the main door of cooperation with clients by taking into account the needs of clients.
  • Starting from the handling of various types of legal problems dbi Law Firm gain valuable experience. Our Law Firm Global recognize that the needs of the ultimate client is the professional handling.